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Can ADHD Cause Anxiety?

Can ADHD Cause Anxiety?

Can ADHD Cause Anxiety?

Many people ask, can ADHD cause anxiety? What are the treatment options for ADHD causing anxiety? Where do I get help?

If you are struggling to stay focused and are contending with multiple mental health disorders, it might be time to get professional help for symptoms of ADHD and anxiety. Satori Health can lend a hand.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is an attention disorder. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Sometimes it goes by ADD, for Attention Deficit Disorder. 

ADHD is a mental health disease that inhibits your ability to focus. It might be diagnosed in childhood or adulthood. For many people, ADHD is something they struggle to overcome their entire lives. 

Signs and symptoms can manifest around five years of age and take the form of inattentiveness or hyperactivity. 


People with inattentiveness get distracted easily, make mistakes, forget or misplace things, find it challenging to follow long instructions, change tasks regularly without finishing, and find themselves unable to organize their time. 


People with hyperactivity are unable to sit calmly, often fidgeting or moving, talk a lot, act impulsively, interrupt other conversations, and always move physically. 

It is often mistakenly believed that ADHD exists more often in boys than in girls because boys demonstrate more outward symptoms and signs at an early age. When girls have a difficult time focusing, they tend to be excused as distracted or daydreaming rather than disruptive or hyperactive. 

In older years, some people are misdiagnosed for behavioral issues rather than ADHD. Without the proper treatment, ADHD can create tangential problems like anxiety. 

What Causes ADHD?

But can ADHD cause anxiety? There are many causes of ADHD, but none are fully understood. 


In most cases, your genetics influences whether or not you struggle with ADHD. The most common cause is genes. If you have a family with an ADHD diagnosis, you are more likely to have it too. 

Brain Function

Your brain function influences your risk of ADHD too. This is more fluid because many things like stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction can all change your brain structure and function. 

If this happens, physical changes to your hormones, neurotransmitters, or brain structure can lead to the development of ADHD. 

But can ADHD cause anxiety? Are there other risk factors? 

Scientists believe that people who experience brain damage following a head injury are at a higher risk for developing ADHD and that ADHD means a higher risk of developing anxiety. Epilepsy can lead to the same risk. 

Can ADHD Cause Anxiety?

ADHD causing anxiety is not unheard of. As mentioned, your brain function plays a critical role in your risk of ADHD and the severity of your symptoms. 

This means ongoing ADHD can lead to the development of anxiety. Many people who have ADHD struggle with feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, and feeling as though they have let people down or never achieved what they should have. In situations like these, those feelings can lead to chronic anxiety and the development of an anxiety disorder. 

Satori Health Offers Anxiety and ADHD Treatment Programs

Satori Health can help answer questions like “can ADHD cause anxiety” and “what is the best treatment for anxiety.” With our mental health rehab center, you can get customized treatment for your anxiety, ADHD, and any other coexisting mental health disorders. 

Our facility focuses exclusively on providing a relaxing, peaceful environment where you can utilize a multi-tiered approach to offer inpatient and outpatient services. During your initial intake, we will review your mental and physical health history to design a personalized treatment program to best fit your needs. 

If necessary, we will work with you to find the right medication to accompany the therapy you undertake. 

Many of our mental health treatment programs in Los Angeles provide ways for you to control your symptoms. This starts with things like time management. You can learn how to structure your time better and increase productivity with time management skills. We also offer organizational skills as part of your ongoing therapy or treatment. These organizational skills can help you overcome signs and symptoms of hyperactivity or inattentiveness. 

These skills are mixed with individual and group therapy sessions, the length and frequency of which can be altered based on your needs. If you are ready to get help for an anxiety disorder and ADHD, we can help. Let Satori Health’s San Fernando Valley mental health treatment center help you address situations with ADHD causing anxiety today.