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The schizophrenia definition also comprises symptoms that fall into two additional categories. One of these categories includes symptoms that essentially take away some of your normal, functional abilities. The second includes symptoms that produce a range of alterations in your core thought processes.

The changes triggered by this multitude of potential issues can be profound. However, schizophrenia is a highly complex illness. Any two people diagnosed with the disorder may have widely varying symptoms and experiences. This means that there is no such thing as the popular societal notion of a typical “schizophrenic.” Instead, schizophrenia exists on a spectrum or continuum of related mental health concerns.

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Each of the core symptom categories of schizophrenia can alter your well-being in a variety of ways. This is especially true for psychosis. For example, psychotic delusions produce strongly held, untrue beliefs that may seem bizarre from an outside perspective. Common examples of these delusional thoughts include beliefs that you are:

  • Being persecuted by an individual or a group 
  • Receiving special or divine messages not available to others
  • Tasked with a special mission that no one else can achieve
  • Living under the unseen threat of danger or violence

The most common hallucinations for people with schizophrenia are sound-based or auditory. A classic example of this issue is hearing voices that no one else can hear. Psychosis may also lead to visual, touch-, smell- or taste-based hallucinations.

Psychosis-related disorganization of your thoughts and speech can seriously interfere with your ability to communicate with others. That’s true because it can: 

  • Damage your ability to speak or think clearly
  • Cause you to switch conversation topics at random
  • Make you reply to others in ways that don’t make sense for a given conversation

Psychosis-related muscle changes can trigger a range of unusual body movements. For example, you may repeat a given motion repeatedly for no apparent reason. You may also move in random, unpredictable ways. In addition, you may lose much of your ability to move. 

People with schizophrenia also frequently develop what are known as negative symptoms. Symptoms in this category represent lost abilities that you would normally have. Potential examples include:

  • Speaking with little emotional affect or facial expressiveness
  • Not speaking very often
  • Losing your desire to interact with others
  • Having a diminished capacity to feel pleasure

Finally, schizophrenia can interfere with some of your most essential thought processes. Specific issues you may experience include difficulty doing such things as:

  • Concentrating
  • Paying attention
  • Recalling memories
  • Making use of new information
  • Keeping up with a conversation

You may be affected by any of these mental health challenges. In addition, the symptoms you experience may range from mild to severe. The effects of schizophrenia may occur in distinct bouts or episodes. They may also affect you more or less continuously. 

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