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UHC Mental Health Treatment Center in Los Angeles

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Depression can be overwhelming. Our highly educated, trained psychiatrists provide treatment for those with clinical depression who are in need of a treatment program.


Satori Health’s anxiety treatment program restores equilibrium and helps people heal from anxiety disorders by identifying the underlying causes of the anxiety.

Bipolar Diorder

Bipolar disorder causes intense shifts in an individual’s thoughts, behavior, and energy. With our effective bipolar disorder treatment program, a healthy, stable life is within reach.


The level of coverage you receive and the cost therein is based on the type of plan you have. You can sign into your health plan account, call the number on the back of your card, or call our team to review the specifics of what you might have to pay out of pocket. 

UHC provides inpatient and outpatient coverage, but most plans require you to pay for a percentage of your care, sometimes after meeting your deductible. 

For example:

Plan A has a deductible of $2,000. It has a 20% out-of-pocket cost for services and a $10 copay for prescriptions. Someone at a UHC mental health treatment center in Los Angeles might have a bill for $8,000 for outpatient services and an ongoing prescription. 

  • If their plan requires the deductible to be met, they would need to pay whatever remains in their deductible out of pocket and then cover no more than $1,600 of the total bill, plus $10 each time they refill their prescription. 
  • If they do not have to meet a deductible or already have, then they still only have to pay $1,600 of the total bill, plus $10 each time they refill their prescription.

Sometimes plans stipulate that you have to pay a specific copay out of pocket for individual services. 

For example, if you are receiving Los Angeles UHC mental health therapy sessions, you might pay a $50 copay every time you have an individual therapy session or participate in a group therapy session, and this might turn out to be more or less affordable based on the level of care you receive. Traditional outpatient services might only require one or two sessions per week, so you might only have to pay $50 per week plus any cost of medication.

Note: Each situation is unique. Every individual will require personalized treatment plans, therapies, medications, and other mental health services. The only way to know about certain potential costs when applying UHC benefits is to call our team. We will help you go through an initial assessment to figure out what level of care is best and what programs and frequency will give you the tools you need to manage your symptoms. 

Don’t avoid getting help because you are worried about the cost. Call our admissions team to see what coverage you have through UHC. 

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