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Individualized Care

Satori Health offers you a truly customized individual experience when it comes to mental health treatment.

Multifaceted Program

We offer a multi-pronged approach to mental health treatment that combines clinical & holistic methods.

Medication Management

Our expert team of mental health professionals provide personalized medication management solutions.

Evidence-Based Therapies

Here at Satori Health, we utilize a number of evidence-based therapies that work to address the root causes of mental illness.



Here at Satori Health we believe that no two clients are alike. We hand-craft customized treatment plans for each and every client who enters our program to ensure best results in treatment.


The team at Satori Health has decades of experience treating mental health issues alongside co-occurring disorders, so you can trust that your mental health and overall wellness is in good hands with the Satori staff.


Don’t just take our word. We have a number of reviews and testimonials from real clients whose lives have drastically changed thanks to the treatment they received at Satori Health.


Alexia Rigos

Clinical Director

Kylee Neumaier

Case Manager

Sean Caputo

Behavioral Health Technician

Dr. Eric Chaghouri


Ester Shaginian

Primary Therapist


They actually care about you and want you to do better for your life. It was a great experience and I told multiple people about it so they can get their lives back on track like I did! I recommend this place to anyone that need help with their mental illness cause it really helped me!

Sean R / Alumni

My time at Satori Health was honestly life changing. They helped me so much. I’ve been trying to get my life together for 12 years and they finally helped me get on the right path. Today i live in a brand new apt with two jobs and it’s all thanks to Satori.

Samantha C. / Alumni
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