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Satori Health's Approach to Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Bipolar Disorder Treatment




Depression can be overwhelming. Our highly educated, trained psychiatrists provide treatment for those with clinical depression who are in need of a treatment program.


Satori Health’s anxiety treatment program restores equilibrium and helps people heal from anxiety disorders by identifying the underlying causes of the anxiety.

Bipolar Diorder

Bipolar disorder causes intense shifts in an individual’s thoughts, behavior, and energy. With our effective bipolar disorder treatment program, a healthy, stable life is within reach.


Professionals don’t know much about bipolar disorder as compared to other mental health issues. However, it is known that bipolar disorder is usually caused by genetics. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix or treatment for bipolar disorder. It is a condition you have to learn to live with. That is why getting professional Los Angeles mental health treatment is so important.

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There are a few main types of therapy used to treat bipolar disorder: cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, and individual psychotherapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you change negative thought patterns and actions into more positive things. It teaches you long-term coping strategies you can use to address the symptoms of manic or depressive episodes. With our bipolar disorder treatment in Los Angeles, cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the primary treatments used.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is another crucial part of a Los Angeles bipolar disorder treatment program. Family therapy can involve your close family members or friends who are like family. In a group setting, everyone can learn how bipolar disorder works and what your family or close friends can do to help you manage your symptoms and avoid exacerbating your condition.

Individual Psychotherapy

At our bipolar treatment center, your individual psychotherapy helps you identify what has to be done for personal self-care. It also plays a critical role in helping you regulate your stress and recognize the patterns of symptoms that arise prior to the onset of a manic or depressive episode. Identifying these patterns will help you prepare for the times when you need to apply the long-term coping strategies you have learned in cognitive behavioral therapy or the stress management skills you have learned in your therapy.


Bipolar disorder treatment in Los Angeles may also include medication. You might respond differently to one medication over another, so it’s important to exercise patience over the first few months of your Los Angeles bipolar disorder treatment. During this time, you will work with professionals at our bipolar treatment center through trial and error until you find the right balance.

Mood Stabilizers

Mood stabilizers are one of the most common medications prescribed for bipolar disorder treatment in Los Angeles. This often includes lithium, which must be carefully monitored and only used to stabilize extreme episodes.

Antipsychotics & Antidepressants

Anticonvulsant medications can sometimes be prescribed to stabilize your mood as well. Second-generation antipsychotics are often prescribed to help you manage acute manic or depressive episodes in conjunction with mood stabilizers. Similarly, you might be prescribed an antidepressant to help you with depressive episodes while taking mood stabilizers regularly.


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