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How We Treat Anxiety Disorders at Satori Health

Anxiety Disorder Treatment



Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder is the broadest disorder and the most common. Everyone has anxiety from time to time, especially around significant stress events, such as a big work presentation or financial strain, but with generalized anxiety disorder, your feelings of anxiety remain long after these events pass and may arise during mundane, low-stress events as well. With generalized anxiety, your feelings are so strong that they interfere with your ability to complete daily tasks.

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is a mental health condition defined by recurring, chronic panic attacks. These are sudden feelings of controlled fear and danger. They can happen without warning and without cause. A panic attack can be a traumatic experience, but what's more, many people with panic disorder live in fear about when the next one might happen. Fear of the next attack can be incredibly limiting and a disruptive force in a person's life.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder applies to social situations. You might experience intense fear that others are judging you when you socialize. The fear is often outside of your control and so severe that you stop being around people if you can help it.

Phobia Disorders

Phobia disorders are hyper-specific fears that can cause a person significant distress. Phobias can include things like needles, heights, and spiders, or situations such as leaving the house or being in an enclosed place. Phobia disorders can manifest with the same symptoms as generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder but specifically relate to thoughts, images, or experiences involving whatever is at the root of the phobia. Someone who has a severe phobia of heights might experience a panic attack when they try to fly or have severe anxiety over the thought of being in a tall building.

If you are struggling with an anxiety disorder, Satori Health can help you start a Los Angeles anxiety treatment program today.


Depression can be overwhelming. Our highly educated, trained psychiatrists provide treatment for those with clinical depression who are in need of a treatment program.


Satori Health’s anxiety treatment program restores equilibrium and helps people heal from anxiety disorders by identifying the underlying causes of the anxiety.

Bipolar Diorder

Bipolar disorder causes intense shifts in an individual’s thoughts, behavior, and energy. With our effective bipolar disorder treatment program, a healthy, stable life is within reach.


If you are struggling with an anxiety disorder, there is help available. With anxiety treatment in Los Angeles, you can start therapy, holistic care, and medication to treat your symptoms.

  • Therapy: Therapy like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help you manage feelings of fear and worry, creating positive thought patterns in their place. Individual psychotherapy can offer a chance to talk through factors that may have contributed to your anxiety in the first place, so that you can recognize them for what they are.
  • Holistic Care: When you start a Los Angeles anxiety treatment program, a big part of your plan will include self-care. Some anxiety symptoms can be effectively managed or reduced when you avoid aggravating substances such as alcohol or caffeine, exercise regularly, especially with cardiovascular exercise, and practice relaxation techniques.
  • Medications: Medications like SSRIs can reduce the severity of your symptoms. Antidepressants can also help relieve some of the worries. Sedatives can be used to treat panic attacks or phobias as symptoms arise. Satori Health offers top-notch anxiety therapy in Los Angeles. Call us today, and let us help you find the right Los Angles outpatient program for mental health.


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