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Mental Health Treatment




Our partial hospitalization program combines the intensive treatment of a residential program without residing at the facility 24/7, allowing for a hybrid treatment experience.


The intensive outpatient program at Satori Health gives our clients the freedom and flexibility that they want while also providing them with the support they need.


The outpatient program at Satori Health is when our clients begin to join the skills they are learning at our program with the challenges they meet in every day life.


Common mental health disorders include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders

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One of the fundamental treatments for mental health at Satori Health is our cognitive-behavioral therapy program.


At our dialectical behavior therapy program, you’ll quickly learn that your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are all interconnected.


With EMDR therapy at Satori Health, you can overcome trauma and ensure that it no longer disrupt and take control of your life.



Today, mental health therapy is available in many more forms than was previously available. 


  • Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most prominent forms of treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you focus on the importance of your thoughts and actions. Recognizing that link can help you alter your thoughts to subsequently change your actions.
  • Dialectic behavioral therapy increases your concept of mindfulness and stress tolerance while also using cognitive behavioral techniques.
  • EMDR helps you overcome traumatic events associated with PTSD and tangential depression or anxiety by retraining your brain to properly store traumatic memories so that they aren't disruptive to your daily function.

In addition to these types of therapies, individual psychotherapy and group therapy can be useful in addressing underlying factors that may have contributed to or continue to contribute to your mental health problems. Family therapy in some situations might be a good option for addressing factors in the home that contribute to or exacerbate mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety.

Holistic Treatment

Other treatments can include self-help groups, support groups, educational groups, wellness therapy, nutritional therapy, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. Holistic treatments are generally recommended in conjunction with a mental health program in Los Angeles.


Mental health treatment often involves medication. Medications like antidepressants can be administered for anxiety and depressive disorders. Medication might be prescribed to help you manage the manic or depressive episodes you experience with bipolar disorder. 

If you attend a mental health center, medical professionals will evaluate your case and determine whether medication is necessary. They will monitor your progress as you continue through your mental health therapy and might decide at some point that you no longer need medication.

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Medication won’t cure your mental condition on its own, but it promotes a much more effective recovery when used with therapy. The therapy might include cognitive behavioral therapy or psychotherapy, where you explore your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings to try and improve your overall well-being.

Group therapy might be an essential part of your mental health journey. With group therapy, you get to meet with other people working toward that same goal. You might also participate in holistic treatment like yoga, mindfulness, or meditation.

As you continue with your full schedule of different therapy sessions and activities, you’ll have helpful staff available to review your situation and make adjustments to your therapy sessions and activities as necessary. 

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