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What Are the Different Personality Disorders?

What Are the Different Personality Disorders?

What Are the Different Personality Disorders?

If you feel like sometimes the way you think or feel is different from everyone else, and you experience many problems in your relationships, it might be time to investigate the types of different personality disorders and whether it’s time for you to get treatment.

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What is a Personality Disorder?

Personality disorders are mental health disorders that have to do with your personality. Generally, it means that the way you think, feel, or behave is different from the norm, and it can cause significant problems in your daily life if you don’t get treatment.

What Causes Personality Disorders?

The different personality disorders can be caused by things like your environment or social circumstances, your genetics, or your experiences in childhood.

  • An unstable family life, such as living with a parent who struggles with mental health or addiction, can leave you at risk of developing a personality disorder. 
  • Having a lack of support from friends and family and injuring things like bullying or exclusion in school, poverty, or any type of discrimination or dislocation can also contribute to developing a personality disorder.
  • Abuse in childhood, neglect, the loss of a parent, involvement in a significant accident, or other traumatic experiences early on can develop a personality disorder.
  • Some experts believe that genetics can also play a significant role in your likelihood of developing a personality disorder.

What Are the Different Personality Disorders?

All of the different personality disorders can be easily categorized into three personality disorders types:

  1. Suspicious 
  2. Emotional
  3. Anxious


Suspicious personality disorders include three different types of personality disorders:

  1. Paranoid personality disorder

With a paranoid personality disorder, thoughts and feelings of paranoia can make it difficult for you to confide in other people or relax. You might constantly believe that other people might take advantage of you and see threats in everyday situations that no one else sees.

  1. Schizoid personality disorder

With schizoid personality disorder, you might be able to function relatively normally, which stands apart from the other different personality disorders. In this situation, you might still find it challenging to form close relationships, prefer to be alone, not find any interest in things like intimacy or sex, and have difficulty relating to people emotionally.

  1. Schizotypal personality disorder

Here you can experience a lot of distorted thoughts, find it difficult to make close relationships, express yourself in ways other people think are odd, feel anxious and tense around people with whom you disagree, and feel as though you can read people’s minds.


Emotional contains four different types of personality disorders:

  1. Antisocial personality disorder

With antisocial personality disorder, you might regularly act out of anger or lack of consideration and put your own needs and personal gain above everyone else. It’s straightforward for people in this situation to get bored quickly, behave aggressively, do things that hurt other people just so they can get what they want, and have issues with empathy.

  1. Borderline personality disorder

You might worry about people abandoning you regularly, struggle with intense emotions that change very quickly, not having a solid sense of self, and find it challenging to maintain relationships.

  1. Histrionic personality disorder

If you depend heavily on positive feedback or compliments from other people, you might struggle with a histrionic personality disorder. In this case, your need to have approval from everyone else is so severe that it affects your ability to live your daily life.

  1. Narcissistic personality disorder

In this case, you believe that you are better or more deserving than everyone else, you have a fragile self-esteem, you get upset if people don’t listen to you, you resent other people’s success, and your behavior might be viewed as selfish or dismissive toward others. 


Anxious contains three personality disorders types:

  1. Avoidant personality disorder

In this situation, you might struggle with such high anxiety that you avoid social and work activities or any problem where you might be with other people. You feel isolated a lot, avoid relationships for fear of rejection, are reluctant to try new things for fear of embarrassing yourself, and are very sensitive to criticism or disapproval.

  1. Dependent personality disorder

With dependent personality disorder, you are afraid of being left on your own, you feel dependent on someone else for your daily function, you need others to assume responsibility for almost all areas of your life, and you might agree to things you don’t like just so you can avoid losing support from someone else.

  1. Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

With obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, you have to control everything, set unrealistic standards for yourself and others, believe that your way is the only way to do things, and worry about anyone else making mistakes.

How to Find Personality Disorder Treatment

If you are ready for help, Satori Health provides personality disorder treatment. We offer a wide range of individual and group therapies and medication that you can use to manage your emotions, learn coping skills, and improve your ability to understand your mental state. Reach out to Satori Health to learn more about the different personality disorders and how our outpatient mental health treatment center in Los Angeles can help you get treatment.