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An Introduction to Mindfullness-Based

If you or someone you love is struggling with mental health disorders, one common treatment is Los Angeles mindfulness therapy. With mindfulness-based treatment in Los Angeles, you can utilize new coping strategies and techniques to keep your focus on the present instead of getting stuck in the past or worrying about the future. These techniques can be applied to a variety of disorders, including anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, and mood disorders.

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Defining What Mindfulness-Based Therapy is About

What is Mindfulness-Based Therapy in Los Angeles?

Mindfulness practices are a type of activity that helps you focus your attention on the present. It gets its name from the central component, which is to be mindful or aware of what you are thinking, where your focus or attention lies, and how you can bring your wandering mind back to the present.

Mindfulness practices are not designed to alleviate disruptive thoughts or distractions. Instead, mindfulness is an ongoing practice that teaches you how to be aware of your mental focus and change direction.

If you are overcome with anxiety about an upcoming project, mindfulness practices can give you the skills to do the following:

  • Notice when you are feeling anxious.
  • Identify that your anxiety is rooted in fear about the future.
  • Bring your attention to the present by focusing on something like the sounds in your environment, the temperature in the space, or the feel of your hands against your desk.
  • Utilize relaxation strategies like breathing techniques to remain grounded in the present moment instead of fixing it on anxiety over the future.

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Depression can be overwhelming. Our highly educated, trained psychiatrists provide treatment for those with clinical depression who are in need of a treatment program.


Satori Health’s anxiety treatment program restores equilibrium and helps people heal from anxiety disorders by identifying the underlying causes of the anxiety.

Bipolar Diorder

Bipolar disorder causes intense shifts in an individual’s thoughts, behavior, and energy. With our effective bipolar disorder treatment program, a healthy, stable life is within reach.


Treating the Root Causes

Why Use LA Mindfulness Treatment

Mindfulness exercises are designed to give you a sense of unity between your mind and body. They enhance your feeling of unity between the psychological and physical self. Mindfulness practices use physical and psychological exercises to enhance your physical and psychological wellness. 

Some examples include: 

  • Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Meditation
  • Qi gong

These all combine physical exercise with deliberate breathing. Mindfulness-based therapy in Los Angeles gives you physical and psychological benefits. 


Physical benefits of mindfulness include:

  • Boosting balance
  • Strengthening your core
  • Improving strength
  • Increasing flexibility


Psychological benefits of mindfulness include:

  • Improving self-esteem
  • Decreasing pain perceptions
  • Reducing depression and anxiety

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The Benefits of Treatment

Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Treatment in Los Angeles

With Los Angeles mindfulness therapy, you can learn new skills, control your fears, manage your emotional responses, and stay grounded. 

Learn New Skills

You are more than your body. Whatever physical obstacles you might experience can be overcome with mindfulness. 

Mindfulness can teach you:

  • An understanding of new things
  • A sense of acceptance over things that once frightened you
  • A sense of self-confidence

Control Fears

Feelings like anxiety or fear manifest when we feel as though we can’t control the future. When a feeling or emotion seems unmanageable, it is usually because we believe it will never end. 

Mindfulness helps us come back to the present and manage this moment alone. This makes managing the feelings or emotions that previously seemed huge easier. 

Manage Emotional Responses

Mindfulness-based treatment in Los Angeles can help you manage your emotions. Irritability, anxiousness, or anger can make it difficult to think clearly about people’s motives, intentions, or how you should respond.

Basic mindfulness tools can teach you to take a moment when someone says something to you that causes a gut reaction of anger, depression, or hurt.

Instead of getting trapped down a cycle of worries about what that person might be implying, whether they knew about something you did in your past and were poking fun at you, you focus instead on the present moment. Taking in your environment, you appreciate that whatever was said was likely said without any other pretense and, therefore, shouldn’t cause an over-emotional reaction.

Stay Grounded

Being grounded means being connected to the present moment. With LA mindfulness treatment, you can learn to be grounded and connect with your breathing or the environment, no matter what is happening outside. 

For example:

  • With mindfulness-based therapy in Los Angeles, if you receive an unexpected medical bill, tax bill, or any other unanticipated cost, you can avoid spiraling into depression or anxiety because of your fears over money by focusing on the present, being mindful of what active steps you need to take next in order to pay that bill. This might include simply asking about a payment plan, asking for an advance at work, or taking on a temporary second job knowing that you have a few months before the deadline.
  • Los Angeles mindfulness therapy can help you control positive or negative emotions. If you get excited over something and you immediately want to celebrate, mindfulness can help you reign in any manic responses and celebrate responsibly.
  • After LA mindfulness treatment can help you with everyday things like being stuck in traffic. “Tail Light Meditation” is one example of mindfulness meditation you can use if you are stuck in traffic, focusing on the tail lights or brake lights in front of you and using them as a replacement for a single phrase or word during meditation.
  • Mindfulness-based treatment in Los Angeles can also help you stay grounded during fights when daily stress at home manifests or you are running late. Mindfulness can help you focus on the present and overcome the unending “what ifs” list you might have in your head about what will happen if you are late or if the dishes don’t get washed tonight.

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If you need mental health treatment, Satori Health provides mindfulness-based therapy in Los Angeles that can serve as the foundation for your program. Satori Health serves multiple locations throughout Southern California. 

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Is Mindfulness All I Need?

Mindfulness practices are the foundation of legitimate mental health recovery. However, they are just one part of comprehensive mental health treatment. Being mindful can give you coping skills you can apply to group therapy sessions, individual psychotherapy, and other treatment. 

That is why we provide personalized recommendations for mental health treatment plans. Our multifaceted plans involve mindfulness therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy. 

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